Internationally operating practice Drexler + Partner Architekten was founded in Munich, Germany in 1973 and has realized a wide range of projects diverse in type and size with an emphasis on the premium healthcare-, and broadcasting sector. Current projects are located in Germany, China, Dubai (UAE), Kuwait and Spain.
Drexler + Partner Architects, Munich, Germany are looking for an ambitious Architect / graduate Architect for their emerging China-branch located in Shanghai, to work on projects for the tourism and hospitality industry.

1、Foreign Architect

· Bachelor’s in Architecture. Master’s degree preferred.
· Strong portfolio of built work which demonstrates excellent creative capabilities.
· Previous experience successfully managing small teams.
· Excellent in scheme design.
· Excellent design, visualization, and graphic skills.
· Expertise in Adobe Design Collection, AutoCAD and Vector Works.
· Excellent organizational skills.
· Be able to work as part of a multidisciplinary team.
· Overseas experience is essential.
· Fluency in English and Chinese required.

2、中国建筑师/China Architect
· 建筑学专业毕业,本科及以上学历;
· Architecture major, B.A. or above;
· 2年以上相关工作经验;
· More than 2 years’ relevant working experience;
· 方案能力强,了解方案设计规划(有海外工作经验优先考虑);
· Excellent in scheme design, understand design planning (preferably with overseas working experience);
· 熟练掌握Auto CAD, PhotoShop, In Design, Sketch Up, Illustrator, 3D MAX;
· Proficient in Auto CAD, PhotoShop, In Design, Sketch Up, Illustrator, 3D MAX;
· 英语口语流利,能与外国设计师沟通;
· Fluent in oral English, able to communicate with foreign designers;
· 全面掌握国内建规;熟悉国内外建筑行业的最新技术;能够独立完成建筑扩初设计;
· Fully comprehend Chinese construction regulations; familiar with the state-of-the-art construction technique both in China and overseas; able to
independently complete conceptual design;
· 具有良好的团队协作精神、良好的沟通能力和服务意识;
· Good teamwork spirit, communication skills and service attitude;
· 有境外事务所工作经验。
· Working experience in overseas firm.

3、总工/Chief Engineer
· 本科以上学历,土木工程或工民建专业,高级工程师职称;
· B.A. above, civil engineering or civil and construction engineering major, with Senior Engineer title;
· 熟悉房地产项目设计、规划、建筑设计及现场技术处理;
· Familiar with estate project design, planning, construction design and site technical processing;
· 具有5年以上大型开发项目总工程师岗位任职经历,对土建、结构、水电、装饰、园林、燃气、消防的设计优化及施工控制管理、工序管理有丰
· More than 5 years’ work as Chief Engineer in large-scale development project, good experience in design optimization, construction control
management and process management of civil work, construction, water and electricity supply, decoration, gardening, fuel gas and fire control;
· 具有对项目方案优化、设计成本及控制流程有清晰概念及较强的组织管理能力;
·Clear concept and strong organizational ability for project scheme optimization, design cost and control process;
· 熟悉对新技术新材料的运用及相关规范;
· Familiar with the application and relevant regulation of new technology and new material;
· 较强的沟通协调及分析能力,责任心强,工作效率高,能有效协调解决项目工程中设计文件、技术控制等方面实际问题。
· Strong communication and interpersonal skills, good sense of responsibility, high efficiency, able to coordinate and deal with practical issues
such as project design documentation and technical control.

4、景观设计师/Landscape Designer
· 独立完成大型景观设计工作;
· Independently complete large-scale landscape design work;
· 有5-6年从业经验;
· 5-6 years’ working experience;
· 熟悉国内设计要求及规范;
· Familiar with Chinese design requirement and regulations;
· 有境外设计公司工作经验为优先考虑;
· Working experience in overseas design company preferred;
· 英语口语流利者颇佳。
· Fluency in oral English preferred.

5、室内设计师/Interior Designer
· 从事室内设计工作5年以上(星级酒店及高级会所经验优先考虑);
· More than 5 years’ interior design experience (preferably in star hotel and VIP chamber project);
· 视觉效果敏锐度高、有丰富的客户沟通技巧;
· Highly sensitive in visual effect, good customer communication skills;
· 有创新的设计理念及熟练的软件运用能力;
· Creative design concept and proficient software skills;
· 能独立完成大型室内设计项目,有扩初经验颇佳;
· Independently complete large-scale interior design project, preferably with conceptual design experience;
· 英语口语要流利,能和外籍员工进行交流;
· Fluent in oral English, able to communicate with foreign staff;
· 具有良好的团队协作精神、良好的沟通能力和服务意识;
· Good teamwork spirit, communication skill and service attitude;
· 境外公司室内设计师经验优先;
· Interior designer for overseas firm preferred;
· 有项目管理能力者优先。
· Project management ability preferred.

6、建筑师助理/Architectural Assistant
· 建筑学或相关专业本科及以上学历;
· Architecture or relevant major, B.A. or above;
· 从事2年以上建筑设计工作,有大型国际建筑设计公司经验的优先考虑;
· More than 2 years’ construction design experience, preferably in big international construction design company;
· 精通CAD、PHOTOSHOP、SKETCHUP等制图软件和office等办公软件;
· Proficient in CAD, PHOTOSHOP, SKETCHUP and other graphics software, as well as office suite;
· 建筑方案设计能力强、能协助建筑师深化设计;
· Good construction planning ability, able to assist architect with design development;
· 正直、乐观、工作态度严谨、认真、敬业、责任心强;
· Honest, optimistic, careful on work, dedicated, with good sense of responsibility;
· 具备良好的沟通、协调能力,具备一定的组织、分析能力;
· Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with organizational and analytical ability;
· 英语四级以上,具备良好的中英文阅读、写作、口语能力;
· CET-4 above, good at reading, writing, speaking in both English and Chinese;
· 房地产开发、顾问或设计行业工作经历,具备大型建筑设计工作经验,具备建筑设计院、大型房地产公司、境外学习、工作背景者优先考虑。
· Working experience in estate development, consultancy or construction design business, preferably with working experience of large-scale
construction design project, or in building design institute, big estate company, or with overseas study or working experience.

7、效果图制作员/Rendering Artist
· 建筑、环艺、美术等相关专业专科以上学历,良好的美学基础;
· Architecture, environmental art design, art and other relevant major, associate degree or above, good aesthetics foundation;
· 2年以上效果图渲染后期工作经验,酷爱建筑表现;
· More than 2 years’ experience in rendering work of later stage, love architectural presentation;
· 具备良好的场景设计、材质灯光处理、画面效果优化的能力;
· Good ability for layout design, handling material and lighting, optimization of picture effect;
· 精通AutoCAD、3DMAX、VRay、Photoshop等制作软件;
· Proficient in AutoCAD、3DMAX、VRay、Photoshop and other graphic software;
· 愿意接受挑战,能在高强度下完成本职工作;
· Willing to take challenge, able to complete tasks under pressure;
· 具备良好的学习能力、优秀的团队意识和吃苦耐劳精神。
· With good learning ability and teamwork spirit, hard-working and tenacious.

Please send your application with the job title, salary requirement, resume and work portfolio to the following email address, interview notice will be given through telephone call.
N.B.: Please indicate the job title in the email, and note that this job information is from ABBS. Thank you!

Address:2a, 287 Lane, Hunan Road, Xuhui District Shanghai

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