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Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition

1.项目说明Project description
1.1项目名称Name of project

China Overseas Property · Gold Coast
1.2项目概况Project Overview
The Gold Coast project is located in the core area of Shantou Nanshan Bay Integrated Tourist Resort, and it is at the east side of Longhu Beach Road . The area of the project is about 821,200 ㎡, with a capacity building area of 1438,300 ㎡, including high-end residences, recreational facilities, five-star hotels (with a total building area of about 141,000 ㎡), enterprise clubs, regional culture pavilions, seaside commercial street, international school and other types of property (Designers may add some thematic clubs as needed) .
The project has inherited the ancient Chaoshan culture and the excellent natural resources. Chaoshan culture is one of the most influential regional cultures in China. Cored by its language, folklore and foods, Chaoshan culture has become a bridge for 30 million Chaoshan people at home and abroad over the past 2000 years. The project is surrounded by splendid landscape, and located at the Nanshan Bay Tourist Resort. Nanshan Bay Resort is not fully developed, and it has 10km of Golden Beach, of which 2.3 km is owned by the project . Sky is infinite here, so is the blue ocean.
Also, many promising industrial parks are planned around the project, including Nanshan Bay Industrial Park, Shantou Big Data Industrial Park, International Digital Special Zone, Haojiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Guang-Ao Port with an annual turnover capacity of over 60 million tons, etc. The population in those industrial parks will reach 158,000 in the provisional future.
Based on the unique cultural and natural resources of the site, the Gold Coast shall be an integrated tourism program, a “distinctive seaside town” for tourism, vacation, residence, recreation and health regimen in eastern Guangdong.
Depicting a coast full of joy for children, designing a home of health regimen for the old, creating a tourist resort with romance and enthusiasm for fashion lovers, and imagining a tourist heaven without city uproariousness for urban elites...... Infinite design space is provided for designers.
1.4竞赛目的 Purpose
The “Gold Coast” international competition aims to inherit and develop the time-honored Chaoshan culture and depict a beautiful coastal scene by the 820,000㎡ of untouched seaside land.
To build up the project into the best coastal tourist resort in eastern Guangdong by innovative design and successful planning;
To research into the ideas of “distinctive seaside town” by the integration of contemporary design and regional culture;
To set a prime example of “distinctive seaside towns” in China and internationally.
1.5设计范围Design Scope
The overall conceptual planning for Gold Coast project.;
Conceptual architecture design, including but not limited to a five-star hotel, a school, the regional culture pavilion, the commercial street, representative villas, bungalows and high-rise residence, and any other type of property the participants are willing to demonstrate;
Public space design (choose the key public space to strengthen the understanding of your program);
Conceptual landscape design, the rendering is required for some important space.
1.6成果要求Requirements of design results
Textbook: 7 copies of design text in A3 format are required, including 1 official textbook (signed and sealed) and 6 copies (warning: no information about the designer shall be contained in the 6 copies);
Panel: No less than 8 pieces of A0 panels are required;
Model: You are required to provide an overall planning model with the scale of 1: 1500;
(4)电子文件:光盘 1 张或U盘1个,内含方案文本的PDF文件、多媒体自动演示文件(8-10分钟)、PPT补充说明文件(8分钟)、设计CAD图纸及效果图。
Digital file:
1 CD or 1 USB disk to include the PDF files of the textbook;
Multimedia automatic presentation (8-10 minutes),
Supplementary document in PPT format (8 minutes),
CAD design drawing and renderings or collage.


Notes: The digital application documents should be sent to the committee before deadline and the paper application documents should be sent off synchronously (subject to the local postmark on the documents).

3.1 报名条件Qualification

3.1.1 境内外具有法人资格的独立机构及设计联合体均可参加;
It is open to any legal design consortium and independent agency at home and abroad;
3.1.2 联合体成员个数原则不超过两家(与景观单位联合时成员个数可增至三家);
Independent agency or two-member consortium are allowed (the consortium could include three members only if one Landscape Design Agency is inside the consortium);
3.1.3 联合体报名时须提交《联合体协议书》并在协议里明确联合体的主体单位(详见附件《黄金海岸(暂定名)规划设计国际竞赛报名文件》)。
Consortium is required to submit a Consortium Agreement, in which the chief member of the Consortium should be clearly indicated (refer to the appendix Application Document on Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition).
3.2 报名方法How to apply
3.2.1 有意参与的设计单位应于网上报名截止时间前将填好的《黄金海岸(暂定名)规划设计国际竞赛报名申请表》(详见附件《黄金海岸(暂定名)规划设计国际竞赛报名文件》,签字、加盖公章并发电子邮件到汕头市中海宏洋置业有限公司;
Participants should sign and seal the completed Application Form for Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition (refer to the Appendix Application Document on Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition ) before the online registration deadline, and send to the China Overseas Property Co., Ltd. (Shantou) by email.
3.2.2 所有纸质报名文件必须在报名截止时间前以书面形式送达或邮寄至主办单位(以当地文件寄出邮戳为准);
All the paper application documents must be mailed to the committee (subject to the local postmark on the documents)
3.2.3 邮寄地址:广东省汕头市中山东路中国航天卫星大厦2楼。(黄金海岸(暂定名)规划设计国际竞赛组委会收)
The mailing address: 2nd Floor, China Aerospace Satellite Building, Zhongshan East Road, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China. (Attn: Organizing Committee of Gold Coast International Planning Design Competition )
3.3 报名文件(以下资料以A4格式按顺序编排,并装订成册,双面打印,一式一份) Application Documents (The following materials shall be arranged in order in A4 format, front and back, bounded in a volume, with 1 copy for each)
Application Form for Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition (Original, signed and sealed)
Statement of the qualification (with photocopies of qualification certificates)
Brief introduction (with a copy of business license for domestic participants and a copy of Enterprise Registration Certificate for overseas participants)
Certificate (the original) of the legal representative, Power of Attorney of the legal representative, copy of valid ID card of the person entrusted
Design experience in similar projects (since January 1,2007)
List of the project manager and team members for the Competition and the brief introduction for each.
Participant Statement
Consortium Agreement (only for consortium participants)
Other materials that considered necessary by the participants
(10)简介PPT:参赛单位简介以及其他有必要说明的内容,发送到联系邮箱。文件名格式: XXX(参赛单位名).ppt
Introduction PPT: introductions of participants and other necessary information shall be sent to the Contact Email box. File name format: XXX (participant name).ppt
Note: Each page of the above document must be stamped with official seal or signed or sealed by the consignor, unless it is claimed unnecessary specifically. For detailed information, check the Appendix Application Document on Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition.
How to obtain the Appendix Application Document

3.4.1 在本公告下方下载附件;
Download the Appendix from this announcement;
3.4.2 通过下方提供的联系方式联系工作人员获取。
Contact the personnel through the contact information below.

4.竞赛方式Procedure and rule
4.1 参赛单位的选择Selection of Participants

4.1.1 主办单位将选取6家单位(含联合体)参与竞赛。
The committee will select 6 most competitive participants (including the consortium).
4.1.2 主办单位将对选取的6家参赛单位发出《黄金海岸(暂定名)规划设计国际竞赛参赛确认函》。
The committee will issue Participation Confirmation Letter on Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition to the selected 6 participants.
4.1.3 收到《黄金海岸(暂定名)规划设计国际竞赛参赛确认函》的单位需于3日内将该函签字、加盖公章并寄回主办单位以示确认。
The chosen participants must sign and stamp the confirmation letter with official seal and mail it to the committee within 3 days.
4.1.4 我司战略合作单位及未收到《黄金海岸(暂定名)规划设计国际竞赛参赛确认函》的其它单位亦可提交表现形式不限的成果参与评奖,如未获奖我司将不予补偿。
Cooperation partners of COB and companies without the Confirmation Letter are still encouraged to submit their final result. While no compensation will be issued if they fail the competition unfortunately.
4.2 竞赛任务书答疑Question & Answering
The participants could e-mail to the sponsor about the competition assignment book within 3 days after receiving the Assignment Book of Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition issued by the sponsor.
4.3 现场踏勘Site survey
The arrangements of the Site Survey will be specified later. The participants may also organize their own on-site survey, assistance from committee will be provided.
所有参赛单位须在2017年 6月 15日17:00前将竞赛成果文件(实体模型除外)提交到广东省汕头市中山东路中国航天卫星大厦2楼。(实体模型提交地址另行通知)
All participants shall submit the competition result document (except the entity model) to the following address:
2nd Floor, China Aerospace Satellite Building, Zhongshan East Road, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China (Submission address for entity model to be notified later)
Deadline: 17:00 on 15th, June, 2017.
4.5评审方式Review method
Public appraisal method will be adopted by the committee. By drawing lots, the chief architects of each group are required to make a presentation and a short debate for clarification of their program if necessary.
On the basis of full discussion and comparison, the committee will select four superior schemes by the statistics of anonymous voting.
In late June 2017 (tentative), 6-8 experts will be organized to review the scheme. Expert panel is composed of Experts of the Expert Bank of Urban planning Bureau of Shantou, Leaders and Experts of Urban planning Bureau of Shantou, Leaders and Experts from China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd., and Professors and Scholars of Famous Domestic Universities.

5.1 奖项设置Award setting

一等奖 RMB1,000,000元 (含税) 1名
First Prize RMB1,000,000 (tax included) 1 winner
二等奖 RMB 250,000元 (含税) 1名
Second Prize RMB 250,000 (tax included) 1 winner
三等奖 RMB 150,000元 (含税) 2名
Third Prize RMB 150,000 (tax included) 2 winners
补偿费 RMB 100,000元 (含税) 2名
Compensation RMB 100,000 (tax included)) 2 participants
The winners of the Competition have the opportunity to participate in subsequent design and construction process.
5.2 费用支付方式Payment method
The participants shall sign the Contract on Preliminary Conceptual Layout and Building Scheme Design of Gold Coast with our company, and the award will be paid in RMB and settled within Chinese territory. If the overseas unit fails to receive RMB with its corporate account, domestic legal and independent personnel may be authorized to receive the award on behalf of the agency, and the expenses generated thereof shall be paid by the participants. The award will be paid within 30 working days after the equal-valued invoice is provided.

All materials provided by the participants must be in simplified Chinese, or in foreign languages with clear and correct Chinese translation. Material will be judged according to its Chinese version in case of contradiction between different versions.
6.1.2 参赛单位应保证提交的设计文件不会侵犯他人的知识产权(包括但不限于著作权、商标权、专利权)、专有技术或商业秘密。参赛单位提交的设计成果如使用了其他人的知识产权、专有技术或商业秘密,需获得该权利人的合法、有效、充分的授权。参赛单位因侵犯他人知识产权所引起的全部赔偿责任应由参赛单位自行承担。
The submitted documents shall ensure no infringement upon others’ intellectual property (including but not limited to copyright, trademark right, patent right), proprietary technology or commercial secret. If intellectual property, proprietary technology or commercial secret of others are used by the participants, legal, effective and full authorization shall be obtained. All liabilities because of the infringement shall be assumed by participants.
The copyrights of all the results submitted by the participants are owned by the organizer. The participants shall have the right of authorship to the outcome. The sponsor has the right to make any form of public display, web publishing, publication and modification. The submission by the participants is deemed as the confirmation of the above-mentioned rights and restrictions. The participants shall not use the submitted result for other purposes without authorization.
6.1.4 参赛单位从主办单位获得的文件资料应妥善保管,不得泄露,也不得用于本次竞赛活动以外的任何场合。参赛单位须承担因文件资料泄露等情况所带来的损失赔偿责任和法律责任。
The documentary data obtained from the sponsor are forbidden to be disclosed or used in any occasion other than the Competition. The participants shall bear the legal liability arising from the disclosure.
Overseas participants shall obtain their own approvals or permissions required by the laws of People’s Republic of China for domestic activities.
6.1.6 本次竞赛及相关的一切文件适用的法律为中华人民共和国法律。本次报名和竞赛活动将在公平、公正、公开的原则下进行。若发生争议,将通过友好协商解决,经协商不成时,可向当地(汕头市)法院提起诉讼。
The laws applicable to the Competition and all relevant documents are the laws of the People’s Republic of China. The registration and competition will be conducted under the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness. In the event of a dispute, it will be settled through friendly consultation and may be submitted the local (Shantou City) court if consultation fails.
6.1.7 本次竞赛活动最终解释权归汕头市中海宏洋置业有限公司及黄金海岸(暂定名)规划设计国际竞赛组委会所有。
The final interpretation of the Competition is owned by China Overseas Property Co., Ltd. (Shantou) and Organizing Committee of Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition

7.联系方式 Contact
联系人:李昆 先生 陈龙 先生
Contact : Mr. Li Kun Mr. Chen Long
电 话:+86 177 4655 4410 +86 182 4604 0463
Telephone: +86 177 4655 4410 +86 182 4604 0463
邮 箱:stlikun@cohl.com stchenlong@cohl.com
Email:stlikun@cohl.com stchenlong@cohl.com
Post code: 515000
Office Address: 2nd Floor, China Aerospace Satellite Building, Zhongshan East Road, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China
附 件:《黄金海岸(暂定名)规划设计国际竞赛报名文件》
Appendix: Application Document on Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition

China Overseas Property Co., Ltd. (Shantou)
Organizing Committee of Gold Coast Planning Design International Competition
20th,April, 2017

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