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International Competition of Architecture conceptual design for Guangfo Plaza and Urban Design of the Surrounding Land announcement
一、 项目说明
I. Project Description
1. 项目名称Project name

International Competition of Architecture conceptual design for Guangfo Plaza and Urban Design of the Surrounding Land
2. 组织机构Organization

Competition Organizer: Management Committee of Foshan Sino-German Industrial Services Zone(Sanlongwan Innovation Cluster)
Competition organization agency: Guangzhou Wangtat Project Management & Consultancy Group Co., Ltd.
3. 项目背景Project background

The Guangfo Plaza (tentative name) is located at the junction of Sanlongwan, Foshan, and Panyu, Guangzhou, adjacent to Guangzhou South Railway Station. Joined together with Nanhai New Transportation, it is a Guangzhou-Foshan city complex that spans the Chencun waterway, to hold important regional academic exchanges, conference forums, and exhibition functions, focusing on the planning of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Guangzhou-Foshan City, and undertaking important international conferences and exhibitions organized by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, and Foshan City, it is planned to be built as an important platform for Guangzhou-Foshan city-to-city ties, to connect major cities in the Greater Bay Area, and a carrier for communication between Hong Kong, Macao, and mainland youth.
The construction of Guangfo Plaza, which responds to the national Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area cooperation strategy, is a leading project to promote Guangfo in the same city, connecting Guangzhou and Foshan in all directions, combining rail and slow travel and other public transportation methods. It is an important window for the image display of Guangfo cities with a landmark meaning. In order to build this project with high quality and speed up the construction of the project, the "International Competition for the Architecture conceptual design of Guangfo Plaza and the Urban Design of the Surrounding Land" is organized to collect globally for a design scheme with international vision, and high standards, to guide the construction of Guangfo Plaza.
4. 主要工作任务(最终要求以《竞赛技术文件》为准)

Main design tasks (the final requirements are subject to the “Competition Technical Documents ")
(1) 竞赛阶段设计范围及主要工作内容

Design scope and main work content in the competition stage
The design work of the competition stage includes two items: the architecture conceptual design of the Guangfo Plaza and the urban design of the surrounding land, while architecture conceptual design of Guangfo Plaza is the key item of this competition.
① 广佛荟建筑概念性方案设计范围及工作内容

Design scope and work content of Guangfo Plaza architecture conceptual design
The Guangfo Plaza project is located on the south side of the Haiyi Bridge at the junction of Sanlongwan in Foshan and Panyu, Guangzhou, adjacent to Guangzhou South Railway Station. It is integrated with Nanhai New Transportation across the Chencun waterway and connects the lands on its both sides where the planed open campus project is located, integrating new-type rail transportation station, slow-moving traffic, landscape of the two places and buildings as a whole. The total floor area is about 150,000 ㎡. Under the premise of combining the linear trend of Nanhai new transportation and ensuring the quality of the city, the rationality of Guangfo Plaza and open campus projects should be controlled by design company itself within architecture design scope, according to the principle of convenient、 efficient transportation and intensive land use.
This scheme design needs to integrate the new transportation route scheme of Nanhai with the architectural functions for integrated design, and propose an architecture conceptual design scheme for the building, including but not limited to general scheme layout, single building design, traffic flow organization, vertical design, and green landscape design, public space design, etc. Propose a practical and feasible structure scheme for the large-span bridge-less part of the river (rail and pedestrians), and provide with construction capital estimates to ensure the implementation of the scheme.
② 周边地块城市设计范围及工作内容

Urban design scope and work content of the surrounding land
The design scope of this urban design is the land area of the open campus project on both sides of Chencun Waterway and its surrounding environment, with a total land area of about 1506 acres (including Guangfo Plaza). This urban design should consider the Guangfo Plaza and the open campus project and its related impact areas as a whole, and focus on handling the spatial relationship and traffic connection of Guangfo Plaza and the campus, the relationship between the regional people flow and the people flow of the campus. The coastline design is connected with greenway, in combination with the regional transportation organization, study the new Nanhai transportation lines, put forward an overall urban design scheme, relevant control indicators and guidelines to guide the future construction of the campus.

设计范围图 Range of design

(2) 竞赛后续深化设计工作要求

Requirements for design development after competition
On the basis of the deliverable of the conceptual scheme competition, the selected scheme unit absorbs the advantages of other competition schemes, and integrates, modifies, and perfects the scheme according to the expert evaluation opinions and the opinions of the competition organizer to form a formal deliverable. The competition organizer finally confirms the content of the deliverable in written confirmation. Including the following work:
Adjust and develop the Guangfo Plaza architecture design scheme, and finally complete the architecture design. The deliverable must meet the requirements of Chapter II of the schematic design of the "Depth Regulations for the Preparation of Construction Engineering Design Documents (Version 2016)" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China, and comply with relevant requirements of Guangdong Province,Guangzhou City and Foshan City.
Integrate and optimize the urban design scheme of the surrounding land to work out the design development deliverable and meet meet the depth requirements of urban design at the level of regulatory detailed planning.
Responsible for the modification of the scheme after the evaluation, and at the same time cooperate with the competition organizer to carry out related reports, publicity and other related propaganda work, and assist in providing relevant design deliverable information and technical support. Responsible for the handover of design technology and other related work to the next stage design unit.

二、 竞赛规则
II, Competition rules

The competition work is divided into two stages: the first stage is pre-qualification; the second stage is design competition.
1. 第一阶段——资格预审The first stage —— pre-qualification

(1) 本次竞赛采用公开竞赛的方式,公开接受符合参赛资格条件的境内外设计单位(包括联合体,下同)的参赛申请。由资格审查委员会对参赛申请单位提交的资格预审申请文件进行审查,择优评选出5家正式参赛单位进入第二阶段竞赛设计阶段。
Open competition is to be adopted for this competition, openly accept applications from home and abroad design units (including consortium, the same below) that meet the qualification requirements for participation. The qualification evaluation committee evaluates the pre-qualification application documents submitted by the applicants, and shortlists five formal participants for the second stage of design competition.
(2) 择优评选出的五家正式参赛单位将收到由竞赛组织机构发出的参赛邀请函。
The five official competition units shortlisted will receive invitation letters from the competition organizer.
2. 第二阶段——竞赛设计The second stage——- design competition

(1) 5家正式参赛单位按后续发布的《竞赛技术文件》要求开展设计工作,并按时提交正式设计成果文件,每家限报1个设计方案,正式参赛单位以外的设计单位报送的设计方案将不予受理。
The 5 formal participating units shall carry out design work in accordance with the requirements of the “Competition Technical Documents” subsequently issued, and submit the formal design deliverable on time. Each unit shall submit only one design scheme. The design scheme submitted by a design unit other than the formal participating units will not be accepted.
(2) 由方案评审委员会对提交的所有设计方案按照《竞赛技术文件》规定进行技术性评审,指出各设计方案的优点、缺陷及下一步深化调整建议。
The scheme evaluation committee conducts a technical evaluation of all submitted design schemes in accordance with the "Technical Documents for Contest", and points out the advantages, disadvantages, and suggestions for further adjustments of each design scheme.
(3) 竞赛组织单位将根据专家评审意见、相关职能部门意见以及设计单位的综合实力等因素进行综合评价,上报广佛两市政府确定1个中选方案。由中选方案单位完成后续深化设计工作。如参赛方案难以达到本次竞赛目的,中选方案可以空缺。
The competition organizer will conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on factors such as expert evaluation opinions, opinions of relevant administrative departments and the comprehensive strength of the design unit, and report to the governments of Guangzhou and Foshan to determine a selected scheme. The selected design unit will complete the follow-up development design work. If the participating schemes cannot achieve the purpose of this competition, the selected scheme can be vacant.
(4) 中选方案单位不能履约或放弃中选的,参赛保证金不予退还。竞赛组织单位可以按照《竞赛技术文件》规定、专家评审意见及相关职能部门意见,重新选择其它参赛方案为中选方案,或中选方案空缺。
If the selected scheme unit cannot fulfill the contract or abandon the selection, the participation deposit will not be refunded. The competition organizer may choose another winning scheme as the selected scheme or vacant in accordance with the "Competition Technical Documents ", the review opinion of the expert committee and relevant administrative departments’ opinion.

三、 参赛资格条件要求
III, Requirements for Qualifications

There must be a legally registered and valid business license or business certificate; design units registered in China must have independent legal persona. Design units that have the following relationships may not participate at the same time: ? The legal representatives of two or more legal persons are of the same person; ? The parent company, wholly-owned subsidiary and its holding company.
This competition does not have requirements for qualification, design institutions at home and abroad can all apply to participate. It is encouraged for the joint participation of first-class design teams in related professional fields. The consortium will be given priority to the design teams with architecture design and bridge (or rail transit) design.
Note: If the pre-qualified formal competition unit does not have Grade A or above design qualifications of the municipal industry (bridge engineering or rail transit engineering), it shall make it cleared to the competition organizer when processing the confirmation procedures for the competition that the consultancy institute has the above qualification requirements, and present relevant certification documents or calculations certified by the institute for the feasibility and implementation of the competition scheme deliverable submitted by the participating unit.
The applicant (independent or consortium) shall have the experience and cases of the same type design of large-scale public buildings and bridges (or rail transit) in the past ten years.
This competition accepts participation in form of consortium, with no more than 3 members. The consortium must submit a consortium agreement, and the main member of the consortium should be defined in the agreement. After the members of the consortium have signed the Consortium Agreement, they can no longer participate in its own name, nor can they form a new consortium or participate in other consortium, otherwise their qualifications of participation will be invalid.

四、 竞赛日程安排
IV, The competition schedule

1. 2020年 6月12日— 7月3日:发布公告,接受设计单位提交资格预审申请文件。
June 12 -July 3, 2020: Announcement will be issued to accept the design unit to submit prequalification application documents.
2. 2020年 7月中旬:对资格预审申请文件进行评审,确定正式参赛单位。
Mid-July 2020: Evaluate the pre-qualification application documents and confirm the formal participating units.
3. 2020年 7月中旬:参赛单位开展方案设计工作,竞赛设计周期约90个日历天。
Mid-July 2020: Participating units start to work on design scheme, and the competition design cycle is about 90 calendar days.
4. 发布会暨现场踏勘时间计划安排在2020年 7月下旬。
The press conference and site survey is scheduled for Late July 2020.
5. 中期汇报会时间计划安排在2020年 8月下旬。
The interim report meeting is scheduled for Late August 2020.
6. 专家评审会时间计划安排在2020年 10月中旬。
The expert evaluation meeting is scheduled for Mid-October 2020.
7. 竞赛组织单位保留调整竞赛日程安排的权利。受疫情影响,竞赛组织单位将对具体会议时间节点、形式作适时调整,届时将以竞赛组织单位发布的通知为准。
The competition organizer reserves the right to adjust the competition schedule. As affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the competition organizer may duly adjust the dates and the ways to the specific meeting time as may be necessary, at that time, the notice issued by the competition organizer shall prevail.

五、 竞赛费用
V. Competition fee

1. 竞赛费用Competition fee
(1) 有效方案Effective scheme
If the scheme is evaluated as an effective by scheme evaluation committee, each participating unit will receive a competition compensation fee of RMB1.5 million (RMB, including tax, the same below) paid by the competition organizer.
Note: Participating units whose schemes were evaluated as invalid by the scheme evaluation committee will not be eligible for the compensation for competition cost.
(2) 中选方案Selected scheme
The participating units whose scheme selected as the selected scheme will receive a compensation fee of RMB1.5 million and a development design fee of RMB13.25 million, totally RMB14.75 million.

六、 公告发布媒体
VI, Announcement media

· 采购与招标网(www.chinabidding.cn)
· ABBS建筑论坛(www.abbs.com.cn)
· 佛山中德工业服务区(三龙湾高端创新集聚区)
· 广州宏达工程顾问集团有限公司(www.wangtat.com.cn)
Note: The attachment of the announcement can be downloaded from the above websites.

七、 联系方式
VII, Contact Information

Competition Organizer: Management Committee of Foshan Sino-German Industrial Services Zone(Sanlongwan Innovation Cluster)
Contact person: Zhan Gong 0757-29328959

Competition organization agency: Guangzhou Wangtat Project Management & Consultancy Group Co., Ltd.
Address: (Guangdong Province) 5th Floor, Wangtat Construction & Investment Building, No.7 Kehui Valley, Second Street, 99 Science Avenue, Guangzhou Science City, Guangzhou
Contact person: 020-87562291 transfer to: Huang Gong (8560 15011848075), Wen Gong (8539) , Liu Gong(8561)

1.设计范围图Design scope diagram
2.竞赛资格预审文件Prequalification documents
3.格式文件Format file

Note: For the relevant information above, please refer to Appendix Ⅱ Prequalification documents for details,. The detailed description in Appendix Ⅱ shall prevail.

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